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New construction is a complicated and detailed process. While builders and homeowners consider delays and complications like material delays or labor issues, mold in new construction buildings can be overlooked. Preventing mold and mildew growth during new construction is essential to the construction process and the long-term health of residents. During construction, contractors let organic building materials such as wood have time to dry out. Even when building materials dry out, a new construction building can grow mold. Mold growth in new construction can cause significant delays. Not only can mold growth set back construction by weeks or longer, if not adequately treated during construction, it can also add thousands of dollars to the total project cost.

We offer two mold removal services and a preventative treatment for new construction:

  • Spot cleaning – Spot cleaning is when our crews clean one or more targeted areas. Spot cleaning is recommended when there is mold in certain areas instead of throughout the entire assembly. For example, spot cleaning would be performed on a few wall studs with mold rather than treating all the studs on the whole wall.
  • Cold fogging – Cold fogging is used when there is a broader mold issue. Cold fogging fills the entire space within a home or office. The fog fills the room, killing any airborne mold or surface mold. This assures that all mold is properly addressed during the construction process.
  • Anti-microbial paint – This application helps prevent mold in new construction. After spot cleaning is performed, all interior surfaces are encapsulated with anti-microbial paint.

We offer new construction mold cleaning solutions, mold removal services, mold testing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our new construction mold removal services!


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