How to Get Rid of Mold

December 9, 2020by EastCoastMold

If your professional inspection team determines that you have mold, mold removal (remediation) is the next step. Mold can grow quickly after water damage in your home and can also become a health risk. Remediation is a priority. Mold remediation consists of cleaning and sanitizing contaminated areas or surfaces.

After moisture sources have been addressed, the mold remediation team will isolate the contaminated areas and remove any mold-infected materials. They will safely discard any moldy materials. The affected areas will be treated for your specific type of mold and then deep cleaned. It is important to choose a professional mold company that uses environmentally friendly techniques and products to help keep your home free from additional toxins.

After visually inspecting for any remaining contamination, fans and humidifiers will be placed to ensure moisture is completely removed. Following mold remediation, you may choose to have mold verification performed. This can provide additional peace of mind that mold has been removed.

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