Tips to Prevent Mold

Our Expert Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

Finding mold in your home can be stressful. You may not have the tools or the time to remove the harmful substance yourself, and many homeowners don’t know where to turn for help. Fortunately, residents of Baltimore, MD and the surrounding communities have a partner in East Coast Mold Remediation. Our mold removal services are second to none, and we have experience dealing with black mold, mold testing, and much more. Read up on our tips for keeping your home or place of business fresh and free of mold.

Always Mop Up Excess Moisture

Whether because of an impromptu leak or a major storm, your home is susceptible to water damage. While there’s not much you can do to stop excess moisture from entering your home, you can prevent that moisture from causing mold growth. Stay on the lookout for wet areas throughout your home and, should you find any, dry them right away. Remove any water damaged objects and dry the floors, walls, and ceilings thoroughly. Repair leaks in your roof, walls, or plumbing promptly before they allow more water to seep into your home or business.

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Invest in Proper Ventilation

Another method for preventing mold growth is to be sure your home has proper ventilation. Many household appliances naturally produce high levels of moisture—washers, dryers, and dishwashers. To help mitigate moisture released into your home, invest in a quality air conditioning unit and dehumidifier and try to keep the humidity level in your home below 50%.

Keep Your Gutters in Top Shape

Rain gutters are essential to protect your home from water damage. Gutters direct water away from your home, preventing it from seeping into the ground around your foundation. Damaged gutters can threaten the stability of your home and promote mold growth. Always remember to complete yearly maintenance on your gutters or have a trained professional evaluate your system.

Use Mold-Resistant Paints and Products

If you’re renovating your home, stay on the lookout for mold-resistant supplies. Many types of paint resist mold growth, as do certain brands of drywall. These can help keep the water out of your home to help reduce the risk of mold taking hold after a flood or leak. Many of these products are especially effective for use in laundry rooms, basements, and other rooms that are susceptible to water damage.

Check Your Air Exchange

The Environmental Protection Agency states that cooler air is less able to hold moisture. If your home does not have proper air exchange excess moisture can start to form on your walls, windows, and floors. Measures can be taken to increase circulation throughout your home including adding mechanical ventilation. Our team is happy to answer questions about home ventilation.

Find Mold in Your Home? Get in Touch Today

When you need expert help to remove mold from your home, turn to the team at East Coast Mold Remediation. We help homeowners in and around Baltimore, MD keep their homes safe for their families. We are experts in various types of mold, including how to get rid of black mold. We understand that prompt, expert mold remediation service can save a hassle in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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