Common Places to Find Mold

Identifying Signs of Mold in Your Baltimore, MD Home

Know the Common Places Where Mold May Grow in Your Home

Discovering mold in your home isn’t how most homeowners would like to spend their day. When you notice the warning signs of mold growth, it’s essential to find the cause. You might smell an odd, musty odor or experience problems with your respiratory health. In either case, it’s important to have the mold checked and removed. The highly trained staff at East Coast Mold Remediation can perform a thorough mold inspection and conduct mold removal services. We can help identify the common places where mold might be found, so you can recognize the source of the growth before it becomes out of control.

Black pipe in an area beneath a sink.

Check Areas Exposed to Water Regularly

When looking for the source of mold growth, your first stop should be any areas of your home regularly exposed to water. Check under sinks, around washing machines, and on showerheads. Dampness makes it much easier for mold spores to take hold and thrive, and any excess moisture or water damage will only speed along the process.

Examine Fabrics and Furniture

Certain fabrics throughout your home may also be susceptible to mold growth. Look for signs of mold on mattresses, rugs, and other pieces of furniture. Mold may not always be immediately visible, so be sure to check all sides of your fabric belongings. Call our office if you have any questions.

Monitor Dark, Damp Areas in Your Home

As you search for mold growth, be sure to look in the dark, isolated areas of your home. Spaces such as the attic or basement might be especially prone to water damage, and dark areas in garages and crawl spaces may also be conducive to mold growth. While you probably can’t monitor these areas 24/7, inspecting them can help catch budding mold growth before it becomes a larger problem. If you find any evidence of mold in your attic, basement, crawl space, or garage, make sure to reach out to a mold remediation professional for prompt mold testing and removal.

Find Mold in Your Vents? Seek Help Right Away

Another place mold can take hold is in your HVAC unit. Mold might grow in and around your vents as well as make a home in your fireplace and chimney. If you suspect mold in your vents, be sure to seek help right away. Your vents carry cool or warm air to various parts of your home; they can also carry mold spores, effectively spreading the harmful organisms to other rooms.

Don’t Forget Hidden Areas

Before you wrap up your home mold inspection, always check in hard-to-reach spots as some of them might have the perfect conditions for mold growth. Search behind your refrigerator and other appliances and look for any mold spores or potential water damage. If you still can’t find the source of the mold growth, a professional may need to remove a section of drywall to get a better look at the damage. Our experienced team can examine the area behind your wall and determine if that is where mold symptoms are originating.

Reach Out to the Professionals to Eliminate Mold

Once you’ve examined all these common areas for mold growth, be sure to get in touch with East Coast Mold Remediation. Whether you’ve found significant mold or not, our mold inspection team can visit your home and help you know for sure if the mold is gone. We use state-of-the-art mold testing techniques and can help eliminate the source of your mold allergy symptoms. We understand Baltimore, MD homeowners have better things to do than invest their time in mold remediation. Still, scheduling service as soon as possible is paramount to your health and that of your family. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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