Mold Verification Services in Baltimore

Mold Verification Services by East Coast Mold Remediation in Baltimore, Maryland

Are you a Baltimore, MD property owner who has received mold remediation services from East Coast Mold Remediation and you now require verification? Our team can help! As a full service mold remediation company, we will be with you from the initial consultation to the verification process, providing you with the support you need and deserve. I f you have selected to have an inspection performed by an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP), verification will be the final step that completes the remediation process. During verification, the IEP will confirm that all detected mold has been adequately remediated as recommended during the inspection. This verification process can help customer confirm the mold remediation process is complete.

What Happens During the Mold Verification Process?

Mold Verification Services in Baltimore, MDOnce our skilled team at East Coast Mold Remediation has completed the remediation process, we suggest scheduling a clearance report, or mold verification, with the IEP who did the initial inspection. This is confirmation that your mold remediation services were performed professionally, accurately, and according to protocol. An IEP completes the verification process through the following steps:

  1. The IEP will reinspect all areas that were once of concern with a thorough visual inspection.
  2. The IEP will then take additional lab samples of the remediated areas as needed or requested.
  3. Once it is determined that there are no visual signs of mold growth, and the lab samples indicate mold is no longer present, the IEP can assure that the mold issue was appropriately handled as outlined in the original mold report.

Customers choose mold verification with an IEP to receive a third party report of our remediation services. Though we are a team of knowledgeable and qualified mold professionals, this step gives customers a second opinion from an environmental professional who possesses a specified level of knowledge concerning fungal ecology.

Why is Mold Verification So Important?

Think of an IEP as a competent mold investigator. Mold is not something to take lightly. Having several experts on your side to accurately determine the extent of damages done to your commercial or residential property can be helpful.

An IEP is an exceptionally efficient resource when there are high-risk occupants present within your commercial or residential building, such as children or the elderly. Additionally, IEP’s are a necessary component when mold has posed a public health issue. As a sound educator in regard to mold and its effects on human health, an IEP is one of the most critical aspects of the mold remediation process, and the deciding factor of mold verification.

Mold Verification Services You Can Trust in Baltimore, MD

A mold remediation process is not complete without a final and thorough evaluation from a reliable Indoor Environmental Professional. A IEP verification serves as a second opinion about our services from an unbiased and highly qualified professional. Mold is a serious issue, as it can not only compromise the structural integrity of your home or business, but it can also pose significant health risks to you, your family, employees, and customers. Put your trust in the team at East Coast Mold Remediation. We have a track record of exceptional customer service and have been Baltimore’s premier choice for mold remediation and verification services for years. When need comprehensive mold removal at your home or business, you know who to call! Contact our team at East Coast Mold Remediation today for an estimate! We look forward to helping you through this stressful time.