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Mold is common during the complicated and detailed process of new construction. Mold growth can be overlooked, leaving it to spread. East Coast Mold Remediation provides mold pretreatment and prevention services to new structures around Baltimore, MD. Preventing mold and mildew growth during new construction is essential to the construction process and the long-term health of residents. If not adequately treated during construction, mold growth can cause construction delays and add thousands of dollars to the total project cost. East Coast Mold Remediation’s mold remediation specialists want to help stop mold growth before spreading throughout your home or business.

Mold Prevention Products

Many builders don’t have adequate products to ensure mold doesn’t grow on building materials. We offer two mold removal services and preventative treatment for new construction including:

  • Spot Cleaning – Our experienced crew cleans targeted areas with spot cleaning. We recommend spot cleaning when mold is only in specific areas instead of throughout the assembly.
  • Cold Fogging – Cold fogging is used when there is a broader mold issue. Cold fogging and mold prevention spray kill any airborne mold or surface mold.
  • Anti-Microbial Paint – Anti-microbial mold prevention paint is applied after spot cleaning. We encapsulate all interior surfaces with anti-microbial paint to help prevent mold growth.

Prevent Mold Growth Before It Happens

Close the door on mold before residents move in. Pretreat mold to ensure your newly constructed home is mold-free before the final wall is raised.

FAQs by New Homeowners About Mold Prevention

Q: How do you pretreat mold?
A: We apply an anti-microbial solution, or mold spray, to your home while it’s under construction to kill disease-causing microbes and help keep odor-causing bacteria away.

Q: What is a good mold preventer?
A: Eliminate moisture to prevent mold. Be aware of areas in your home that are often wet and clean and dry them immediately. Use mold-killing products to clean your bathroom and fans to vent your bathroom and kitchen.

Q: How do you test if there is mold in your house?
A: You can purchase a home mold test kit, but results are not always accurate. It’s always best to call a professional if you suspect there is mold in your home.

Q: How do I keep mold from growing in my house?
A: Mold loves moisture. Keep humidity levels low in your home with a dehumidifier and the air freely flowing to keep moisture and mold away. Fix leaks and dry out or remove any affected items immediately.

Why Choose East Coast Mold Remediation?

East Coast Mold Remediation offers the best mold treatment products. We help stop mold growth before it starts and remediate mold growth when it’s found. We’re committed to eliminating any type of mold issue. We perform comprehensive mold remediation services to ensure your home or office is completely free of mold. Our team provides the Gold Standard of customer service and high quality products.

Contact East Coast Mold Remediation

Our mold prevention spray and paint products help prevent the growth of mold. We’re passionate about breathing fresh, clean air. Our experienced team understands mold is difficult to remove and can harm your health. You can rely on our mold remediation specialists to eradicate your mold problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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