Is Mold Making You Sick? Here Are Some Signs

October 9, 2019by EastCoastMold

Sneezing woman with a used tissues and a mug near herChronic illness can be caused by many things. If you or someone in your home suffers from chronic illness and your physician is having a hard time getting to the bottom of it, you may want to check your home for mold.

Mold exposure can create a variety of symptoms that can be mistaken for other illnesses. Here are some signs that mold in your home is making you sick:

  1. A cold you cannot get rid of.
    Sneezing and a continually runny nose can be reactions to a mold problem, especially if the symptoms occur in a particular area of your home.
  2. Your asthma gets worse for no apparent reason.
    If you have preexisting breathing issues that flare up after being at home for long periods, the cause could be mold. Mold can worsen an asthma condition.
  3. Itchiness.
    Mold can grow on the fibers in damp clothing. This can cause skin to itch. You may also experience itchy eyes, ears or other areas of the body.
  4. Seasonal allergies do not lessen.
    If your seasonal allergies are lingering this could be a symptom of mold. If your symptoms are better at work than at home this could be a hint that your home has mold.
  5. You are chronically tired.
    Fatigue is one possible sign of a reaction to mold. If you have trouble waking up in the morning and staying awake during the day, or feel particularly tired at home, mold could be the culprit.

Mold is not the cause of all illness. If you have recurring health issues that are not resolving despite medical attention, check your home for mold. Contact East Coast Mold Remediation to discuss your home’s mold issues.


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