Signs Your Home May Have Mold

September 17, 2019by EastCoastMold

Mold inside a kitchen cabinetMold on your food is an indication that it is time to discard it. Mold in your home indicates a bigger issue. Not only can mold in your home compromise your home’s structure, it can affect your family’s health. Some mold species produce mycotoxins which can lead to health issues.

Here are signs your home may have mold:

  1. Weird smell emanating from your HVAC. Mold can grow in your standalone air conditioner because it is damp, dark and exposed to warm temperatures when not being used. Have your A/C unit checked on a regular basis.
  2. Peeling wallpaper. Peeling, cracking or bubbling can be a sign of moisture which can lead to mold.
  3. Dark spots on your walls. Mold can be many colors and shapes. If an unusual spot appears on your wall, get it checked.
  4. Musty odor. If the odor persists after house cleaning, you may have mold.
  5. A humidifier. Moist air produced by a humidifier can cause mold growth.
  6. New home. Mold can grow even in new homes. Since new homes are built so airtight, humidity inside may not be properly vented. Dryers and dishwashers can also produce heat and moisture which encourage mold to grow.
  7. Flooding around a toilet or sink. Even a small flooding occurrence can invite mold.

If you think your home may harbor mold, seek out a remediation specialist like East Coast Mold Remediation. Contact us today!


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